Motivation Monday!


 Hellooooo Rain Family!

Here’s a video for Monday Motivation. It spoke to me. I hope it does you as well.
Take 7:25 and let it speak to you.
We are in SUCH a phenomenal company as well as the business of helping others. WIN WIN!!!!!!
Keep planting, doing what you do so well, and reach out when you need assistance. Be SURE to plug in! That is critical! We truly ARE in this together and we are making a difference as well as BECOMING MORE!!!!!!
Here are a few pics of our London distributor Manjula with her daughter and corporate in London this last weekend.
I’m PROUD and HONORED to be on this journey with all of you. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out. Know that we are in this TOGETHER and that is a great place to be!
With Much Gratitude,
Plug in, ask for help when needed, and grow your business. WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!
With Much Gratitude,

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