One final Monday post, Science buffs tune in!


Hellooooo ONE more time TeamExSEED:

One more reminder. Be SURE to look at the Rain calendar and plug in. The calendar is in your back office and is an invaluable resource. Use it frequently at Since we are so spread out over the world this is an imperative tool to utilize.
Tonight: Compensate for your time zone. When you click the link you will see it in YOUR time. This is a MUST HEAR for Science buffs.

Event: Science Webinar w/ David Bell

Start Time: 8:00 PM

End Time: 8:30 PM

Category: Rain Corporate Event


Address:, , United States – MAP

Additional Information:

Join the Science Webinar to hear from David Bell of Brunswick Labs and Bell Advisory and how Rain’s Product Testing is a key part of building a foundation of excellence!


Click here to join:

With Much Gratitude Always,




Rain got its start as the original seed-based nutrition company, and we’ve been leading the way ever since – multiplying growth every year!

So how do you become the first within Rain? By going to my website emailing me at, or calling me at (724)953-6454




Who’s going WITH ME???????????


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