Rain NEWS YOU CAN USE!!!!!!!!

WELCOME to Team ExSEED!!!!!!!!


Here are a few items to get you off to a fast start. Be sure to save this

letter for your new team members, and to use as your personal training


You will add to your knowledge every day, so don’t be tempted to feel

like you must know everything there is about SOUL and Rain before

you start sharing the great news of your discovery. Why wait?

Call 4 friends today!

*Excitement has enrolled far more people than detailed

training ever will.*

—->Learn your Rain business at the corporate training site (IMPORTANT)


Go through the Rain specific training platform at http://successbyseeds.com. Have your Downline do the same. This is DUPLICATABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Set up your VIP Sponsoring/Sales System; it’s free for our team only :


Visit Face Book frequently  for the best testimonies, articles, and  current updates:


                       https://www.facebook.com/groups/223093941183747/= The Soul Patrol. This is a site where distributors support each other. Great folks here.

                       https://www.facebook.com/groups/495277837235635/= Raining Health. This is a site created by Stephanie Mozel full of testimonies that are searchable. Send potential customers here as a third party validation.

Set up your -7 Days of Soul Sample Selling System- (well worth $30/year!)



For internet marketers I suggest the system called The Conversion Pros. Here is the link to subscribe.



The cost is $50 a month and many have seen great success with this system.

Another option is Jay Noland’s Rain specific system located at https://mysuccessbyseeds.com/


Your RAIN back office contains some excellent training. Spend an hour

a day there while learning the ropes.

First Goal: 2 Enrollments

You need 1 Rain Partner on each side to qualify your 2 legs. Choose 2  good

friends/people to approach ASAP. (see “Placement” below)

It’s OK if your most productive enrollees come in later, but immediately contacting

friends that you would enjoy doing business with is a great place to start.

Second Goal: 6 Total Enrollments

6 personal enrollments gain you  50%  Matching Checks (now you’re cooking with gas!)

Preferred Customers earn you $20 per box, so finding  a few customers

this week will earn you some immediate cash flow.

Under ACCOUNT in your back office, edit your “Placement” to the


This keeps your enrollments in a holding tank immediately after they enroll, giving you the

election of where to place them.

Be sure to release and place them on the right or left side ASAP so that they don’t miss any

“spill” .

Default Placement

Holding Tank

Edit Edit

Get Paid Weekly! Under ACCOUNT, input your banking information

for your weekly (on Friday) commission payments.

Learn  various testimonies to share with others, and pay close attention

to your body as you begin to notice the benefits of SOUL in order to form your

own personal testimony.


Rain talks are an invaluable resource to utilize. Here’s the link. http://training.rainintl.com/raintalks/


Monday-Wednesday-Friday @ 12:00pm Mountain Time

To listen live via call in:

(425) 440-5100

Pin Code: 186827#


Catch all the replays by subscribing to our free Podcast on your smartphone (click one):

Stitcher Smart Radio App (Android or IOS)

Apple Podcast App

Google Play

Don’t miss our new three day conference calls:

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 6pm PST – 7pm MDT/ 9pm EDT get plugged into the Rain 101 Calls hosted by Rain Partners across the country! These calls introduce the Rain opportunity!

Dial: 605-562-3140 – Pin: 111395#

Missed the call? 1-605-562-3149 Pin: same as above


Our crossline team call is every Wednesday night at 8pm EST. This call is for ALL Rain Partners, regardless of team or upline.

5 pm PST; 6 pm MDT; 7 pm CST & 8 pm EST

Team Rainmaker Weekly Conference Call

(949) 229-4100 code 7128

Team call will change to the first half hour being an oppty call, and the last half hour a team call 😉

A DAILY call you are welcome to plug into can be found Monday thru Friday at 11am est… 917-444-5583 no access code required! This call is based in New York City.

Let me know of your daily schedule and availability to talk, etc.

And always let me know of your questions.

If you have a question that is suitable for a quick reply by email, that

often makes it easier for me to assist more Rain Partners in a day.

Talk to you soon! 🙂


I’m also including the video of blood analysis. If there is anything specific you’d like to know, be sure to ask! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxt2wuYWpTA

Three more things:

Blake Malan’s comprehensive comp plan overview =


And Dr.Wright’s overview on our seed based products = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrcN5q9J9IM&t=1604s

An oldie but a goodie is Dr.Weeks’ overview on Soul = http://doctorsoul.info





Rain got its start as the original seed-based nutrition company, and we’ve been leading the way ever since – multiplying growth every year!

So how do you become the first within Rain? By going to my website www.tallseedlady.com emailing me at talltam2010@gmail.com, or calling me at (724)953-6454




Who’s going WITH ME???????????


Purchase product here:


Become a Rain International Distributor here:



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