My Revri was FREE! Let’s get you yours free TOO!!!!!!


Oh I LOVE what I do! When I sponsor someone into the Rain business my first goal is to help them earn free product. My Revri was FREE this month. Let’s get you yours free TOO!

Hello Tammy ,

Your product is on its way!

Thank you for your order. We want to let you know that it has been processed successfully and your seed-based nutrition will be shipped soon.

Here is your order information:

User ID:
Order #: 2133972
Order Details:

Quantity Item Price Total
1 Revri- 3 Step Pak 224.99 224.99
1 Spent Rewards -224.99 -224.99
Discount 0.00
Subtotal 0.00
Shipping & Handling 9.99
Sales Tax 0.00
Total Price 9.99


You can view the status of your shipment at by clicking on the “Orders” tab, then going into the “Order History” category. You’ll be able to see your most recent order, as well as a history of your previous orders. Please allow at least one business day for tracking information to be uploaded.

If you have any questions please contact us at 855-724-6606 or email us at

We sincerely appreciate your business,

Rain International



I’m thrilled and honored to be on this journey with each and every one of you. I’m PROUD to be the tallseedlady.

You GO Team! Reach out when I can help you and I will be there.

With Much Gratitude,


Plug in, ask for help when needed, and grow your business. WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!
With Much Gratitude,

Become a Rain International Distributor here:


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