Personally sponsored distributor #95 is alive. Seeking #96.


Congratulations on your new Rain Partner


It looks like your team just got a little bigger. Now is the time to begin the process to replicate this growth. You remember how it was to be a brand new Rain Partner. They’ve taken a big step and are sure to have some questions and concerns, so give them a call within the next 24 hours to make sure they know you’re there to help them.

Your goal is retention and replication. How can you take these brand new Rain Partners and turn them into loyal, hard-working partners that make your team grow? Below are some things that can help you prep your partner for the great things ahead.

  • Give them a call within 24 hours of their enrollment. Answer some of those questions they have, make sure they can log into their back office. Let them know and feel that they are part of a family that is ready to help them at all times.

  • Follow up and make sure they get their product in good time and condition. The best customer support team we have are our partners. This will make them feel cared for, which will increase their loyalty.

  • Invite them to different events that you may be going to. This will help in their Rain education.

  • Speaking of education, make sure they have all the necessary materials to learn about our products and compensation plan at a deep level. Another thing that increases loyalty is knowledge: the more they know about the products they are taking and selling, the more excited they will be to share it.

  • Talk about and sign the commitment letter together.

  • Make sure their autoship is set up correctly, and stress to them the importance of trying and being familiar with all of Rain International’s products.

  • Think about things you wish you would have known when you were in their shoes. Then, talk to them, guide them, and help them set goals so they can get started the correct way.

These next few days and weeks are an important time for your new Rain Partner, and getting them started the correct way can help guide them down the path of self-sufficiency. The leadership you provide to new partners will affect the success of your team in an important way. As you continue to lead by example, your Rain Partners will develop into powerful, lasting leaders. We’re here to help as well, so let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. Thank you for all you do.

Congratulations on your success, and keep going!


Rain International Executive Team

Who will be my 96th personally sponsored distributor added to #TeamExSEED? Apply at:

With Much Gratitude,




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