Helloooooo Team ExSEED!!!!!!

Helloooooo Team ExSEED!!!!!!

Please forward to YOUR Downline.

Today’s team call with Dr.Weeks has left me more excited than ever about spreading the seed nutrition story WORLDWIDE. I’ve been involved with this business from the start and took 3 pages FRONT AND BACK of notes. We ALL need to DUPLICATE. That is key! I have sent this before but it justifies repeating as IT IS DUPLICABLE!!!! Use the following with your prospects and share with your Downline:

1)  Take 5 minutes and listen to this pre-recorded call  215- 358-4305



2)   Then take 10 minutes and see where the money is


Note:  we START with a 30% retail commission!



3) Here is a great 10 minute video of investment banker Paul Hickey who put his OWN money into RAIN:


Make $$$$$ BY CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES!!!!! I can think of nothing better.

For those of you who are truly plugging in and want to succeed we are planning on having Dr.Weeks do calls on Mondays at 3pm EST. Please reply back and let me know how you feel about this and also how I can best assist you. I’m thrilled and honored to be on this journey with each one of you.

With Deepest Gratitude,


AKA tallseedlady

I put doctors out of business by making medicines obsolete



Be SURE to watch, learn, and enhance your life with seed nutrition. You’ll be glad you did. Let’s talk!










Testimonials at (215)358-4307


Always grateful to be on this most wonderful journey with all of you.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”! – Hippocrates



Become a Rain International Distributor here:



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