It is TIME, Team ExSEED!

It is TIME,  Team ExSEED!

Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. – medical advisory board member of RAIN and Diamond level distributor will be coaching just my team on a private telephone conference call this Monday March 13th at 3PM  (noon Pacific time) . He will also answer medical questions related to seed nutrition.
Note: This is a strategic business call and a huge opportunity but it is only for people who want to make money helping people.
It will start at 3 and end at 3:30 sharp.
I am working closely with my A team and if you want to grow your business, this is the time to start.
Now I understand that this may not be something you want to pay attention to at this point, and if that is your situation, that is OK.
Maybe I can invite you to catch a future call.
But, if you will commit to being on this business call,  let me know and I will save a space for you.
Of course, if you invite business prospects to join this call, and if they can commit to being on this call, they are welcome.
I just need to know how many have committed because  I want to provide Dr.Weeks with a list of confirmed attendees by Sunday evening.
Your move!
If you can commit,  then RSVP and also tell me the name of any of our prospects who have committed also.

The phone number will be different. 
Only those who get back to me by 7pm EST on Sunday night will be given the conference call number.

I am excited and it is time to have fun and plant plant plant those high impact seeds!


“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”! – Hippocrates



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