Do I like what I see? Can I DO it?

Hello Rain Family!
I am seeking personally sponsored distributor #97. Could it be YOU?
Ask yourself:
1. Do I like what I see? This would be seeds. The genesis of life. It is what we as #TeamExSEED spread and change lives with.
2. Can I DO it? If you can plug into a system, perform a daily method of operations, and DUPLICATE, then the answer is YES! You will receive the training to do the above through our proven system. As a retired teacher I can’t help but teach. It is how I’m wired.

1) Take 5 minutes and listen to this pre-recorded call 215- 358-4305

2) Then take 10 minutes and see where the money is

Note: we START with a 30% retail commission!

3) Here is a great 10 minute video of investment banker Paul Hickey who put his OWN money into RAIN:

Only folks with tenacity, honesty, and those willing to perform a consistent daily method of operations need apply. You’ll thank me.

AKA tallseedlady

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