Black seed and opiate addiction

The Black Seed absolutely works for opiate addicts!!!!

Opiate dependency is estimated to affect nearly 10% of medical practitioners.(ANR Clinic Blog). This means even your doctor, PAs, Nurses, and Your Friendly Pharmacist are getting “hooked”, vetted, and eventually getting fired and scarred for life.
Your housekeeper, neighbor, best friend, pastor, spouse, and sadly, our children, may be headed down the road to addiction.
Unfortunately, many addicts are older, and their addiction arouses from simply breaking their arm.
Rehabs are full are people who are otherwise responsible and healthy who never saw it coming.

Opioid addicts take oral doses of the oil to wean themselves off drugs. They say it helps them to withdraw, and even to stay clean afterward. “I never wanted to be on methadone. I had seen people detoxing from that and it was horrific,” Dylan, a recovering heroin addict from Wales, tells The Fix. “I tried many different remedies but Nigella Seeds really works; it helped ease my withdrawal and now I am clean
I find it has a calming and restorative effect.”
“A friend of mine (really!) just had knee replacement surgery and is 100% opiate naive. His meager pain medication was nowhere near adequate for his level of pain upon coming home and he is deathly afraid of doubling up on his meds.
I suggested he try Nigella Sativa in addition to his prescribed pain medication.
Two days later he phoned me to thank me for effectively doubling the effectiveness of his medication.
I made it a point to be vague about what effects he should have expected. I simply told him that I heard that Black Seed will “help with his pain and to take it 15 minutes after he takes his pain meds”.
While this is far from a scientific study it certainly made me feel good about helping a friend and it confirmed, at least in my mind, that Black Seed Oil indeed does have some amazing properties.
Tastes great too!” – E. Chez
“I tried the black seed while in the later stages of opiate withdrawal It really helped my mood and gave me a little pick me up, not a strong feeling of euphoria but a little one
Also, it’s valuable as a supplement to help the after effects of withdrawals without putting someone back into withdrawals.
When you’ve been off of opiates for a longer amount of time like 1-3 months and you just don’t feel right this helpful as a small pick me.”–Casey
“From a former dope head, I would suggest the black seed. I can’t emphasize this enough. Trust me on this one.” – B. Light
“Try some black seed (Nigella sativa), it works wonders for one who is in the nightmare of opiate withdrawals.
It’s also good to just take black seed oil daily anyway, it contains over 100 nutrients.
And there’s been studies done that have proven the effectiveness of black seed in treating heroin addicts.
So give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
It also helps to reduce the cravings.” R. Guest

AKA tallseedlady

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”! – Hippocrates



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