Welcome personally sponsored distributors #103 and #104 to Team ExSEED!

Welcome aboard Janine Smith personally sponsored distributor #103 to Team ExSEED. Janine resides in Alabama and sees the value in seed nutrition as our Soul Sisters and seed head community all do.
And a big welcome also to our newest Soul Sister Roberta Raisanen from Houston! Roberta will enhance our team and spread the seed story in Houston AND BEYOND as Buzz Lightyear would say. Roberta is #104 but she is far more than a number. Aren’t we all.
You’ve made a wise choice ladies. Follow the system to success, duplicate, and change lives. It’s a big blessing to do this as a vocation. Spread it worldwide.
Welcome aboard!!!!!!!
AKA tallseedlady

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”! – Hippocrates



Become a Rain International Distributor here:



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